How to Convert MKV to MP4, Fast, Simple and Free!

It is not uncommon for your downloaded videos to be unplayable on PCs and portable devices. That’s frustrating! Often, this issue is caused by your player not being compatible with the video file format. Professional converting software can help you with that. It is more likely that you’ll search for reliable MKV converter software on the internet. The act is similar to digging in the ocean for a small needle. Do you have any solutions?

There is no need to worry! A free and easy to use program that will assist you in achieving your goal. DVDFab Video Converter offers you a stunning video conversion experience.

DVDFab Video Converter Part I: What are the benefits?

You may be wondering why you should choose this particular video converter tool, when the market is flooded with similar products. You’ll find the answer here. The magical features of this video converter have been able to retain a vast number of video enthusiasts and continues to attract more users. Here are some of the key features.

a. Convert videos/audios between various formats

b. Customize video/audio parameters as needed

A built-in video editing tool to create personalized video clips

GPU hardware acceleration is used to compress and convert video/audio

Remove audio files from YouTube video clips downloaded

Transferring files between mobile and PC via DVDFab Remote is free.

DVDFab Video converter Part 2: MKV conversion to MP4

As you now understand this powerful tool better, it’s time you started learning the best way to use it. Please refer to the guidelines below.

The first step is to launch DVDFab Video converter. Load the source video.

Download DVDFab Video Converter. Launch it and then select the module ‘Converter.

The Converter has been integrated with DVDFab 11 and contains many modules that are designed for user convenience.

b. Drag and drop your source video into the main user interface to load it, click the “+Add from local” button, import it via DVDFab Remote, or browse it using the “+Add from Local” button.

Step 2: Customize output video by selecting a profile

a. Select a profile (such as an MP4), or a specific format in the left-hand pane. This converting tool converts popular formats into 3D/2D audio and video.

b.Customize your output parameters like titles, audio and subtitles.

Edit the VOB with the included video editor. This allows you to edit the VOB to include titles/credits, watermarks and text (and image) as well as cropping or trimming/merging unwanted segments.

Adjust rotation, brightness and contrast.

GPU Hardware Acceleration allows you to speed up compression and conversion beyond your expectation.

Step 3: Convert your source video

a. Select the location directory where you want to save your output as either a folder for movies on HDD (or mobile), or share it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

The conversion will begin after you click the “Start” Button. Progress bar displays detailed information. If you prefer, use the DVDFab Remote app on your smartphone to see real-time update or status updates youtube mp3 download.

A reminder will then appear to remind you to view the video using DVDFab 6 Player, a powerful media player.

The Conclusion

As described above, if you have an urgent need to convert your MKV file to MP4 but you believe that DVDFab Video converter can help you out with this task, you will enjoy the benefits of the free MKV-to-MP4 converter. In the meantime, if you do not like this converter free, then you can upgrade to our full-featured converter.